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So That Others May Live: A Fethullah Gulen Reader offers a definitive compilation of Gulen's characteristic essays and editorials.  Many of them, originally published in Turkish periodicals, are available here in English for the first time.  The rest have been carefully re-translated, providing even familiar readers with new insight into Gulen's most remarkable writings on faith, education, and modern civilization.

Organized thematically, this selection is meant to provide a complete portrait of Gulen as a contemporary Muslim intellectual and a spiritual leader.  His eloquent reflections on the role of the Islamic heritage in modern society should be of interest to any religious scholar.  But as an overview, The Fethullah Gulen Reader also functions as a valuable guide to the ethical impetuses of a global social movement -- one that has rooted itself in Gulen's signature synthesis of humanism and Islam.

So That Others May Live: A Fethullah Gulen Reader is scheduled for publication in late Spring, 2013.


BOOK - April 2007 (with Light, Inc.)

"Writer Carroll's attentive writing style has produced a judicious and timely work, she is knowledgeable, presents her thesis in readable manner and holds reader interest. Not for everyone, if you are looking for a lighthearted, 'story' book for a quick afternoon read A Dialogue of Civilizations: Gulen's Islamic Ideals and Humanistic Discourse is not that book. If you would like to learn a little more about Gulen and his notions of education and dialog then A Dialogue of Civilizations: Gulen's Islamic Ideals and Humanistic Discourse will prove an eye-opening read." (amazon.com)

BOOK - March 2012

In an area where more than 40,000 were killed, thousands were wounded, and millions fled from their homes since the mid-1980’s, persons inspired by Fethullah Gulen have helped bring stability and unity through educating both girls and boys, helping the disadvantaged, developing opportunities, and encouraging justice and peace. Kirk describes her heart-warming experiences meeting people whose lives have been changed.

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Fethullah Gulen

BOOK - October 2010

From the Album

“Be so sympathetic and tolerant that your bosom becomes wide as the ocean. Be inspired with faith and love the human being. Let there be no troubled souls to whom you do not offer a hand and about whom you remain unconcerned.”

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