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Research Topics

At the Gülen Institute, our research agenda seeks to explore the role civil society plays in facilitating positive social change.  This goal is accomplished through a variety of research programs: inquiry conducted directly by the Institute’s full-time fellows and graduate assistants, research projects sponsored by our annual fellowship awards, and the work of students who benefit from our graduate student scholarships.  But all of these programs give priority to the following four topics:


Exploring how civic initiatives augment governmental efforts to alleviate and end poverty. Analyzing the causes and consequences of poverty. Proposing community-based solutions for poverty at the local and global levels. Addressing the influence of poverty on international conflicts.



Assessing the value of critical thinking and its role in public life. Measuring the performance of both public and private educational institutions. Evaluating the role that education plays in the development of democratic society internationally. Challenging public expectations of how education can and should be financed.


Conflict Resolution

Examining the various paradigms and practices of conflict resolution. Theorizing the role that non-governmental agencies play in the establishment of stable peace. Illuminating the multi-dimensional nature of conflict in order to avoid ineffective or counterproductive solutions.


The Hizmet (Gülen) Movement

Studying the activities of the civic volunteers who share in the vision of our eponym. Examining the role played by the schools, hospitals, and media outlets affiliated with the Hizmet movement in Turkey and around the world in the promotion of intercultural dialogue and education.

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