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“Peace through Youth: Plowshares Equipping Youth Leaders from Egypt to China ”

March 21, 2013

Turquoise Center

9301 W. Bellfort Ave. Houston, TX 77031

Peace Through Youth: Plowshares equipping Youth Leaders from Egypt to China

Young leaders are rising up around the world demanding a more just , accessible , and participatory society.  Plowshares Institute has been engaged with selected leaders around the world equipping them with the skills of “constructive conflict intervention and peace building”.  This movement spread from the ‘Arab Spring’ of the Middle East and Northern Africa to the ‘Jasmine revolutions’ of Europe and Asia, on to “occupy movements” of the United States..  There is also increasing opposition to this youth initiative from both traditional and authoritarian societies which some observers are describing the “winter” of this youth movement.  The presentation will highlight Plowshares empowering training in Egypt , India , South Africa and China .  “Peace through Youth” may be one of the distinctive opportunities to promote a vision of a more tolerant and inclusive global community.  Training in these skills is available for those willing to invest in the future.

Robert Evans is the Executive Director of Plowshares Institute.  He studied at the Universities of Yale, Edinburgh, Berlin, and Basel, and received his doctorate from Union Seminary and Columbia University in New York.  He was a Senior Fellow in the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the University of Cape Town, South Africa; Senior Trainer for Empowering for Reconciliation and Peace, Indonesia; and Special Researcher for the Academy of Social Sciences, Nanjing, China.  He has taught on the faculty of universities and seminaries in Uganda, Fiji, New York, Chicago and Hartford and has served as a Presbyterian pastor in congregations in Oklahoma, Alabama, Illinois and Connecticut.  As Executive Director of Plowshares Institute, he is the author of a dozen books and leads intensive traveling seminars in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Dr. Robert Evans is also scheduled to teach a conflict intervention course entitled “Peace in the Midst of Conflict: Learning Skills of Creative Conflict Intervention” in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico on June 24-30, 2013. More details can be found on Ghost Ranch and Hartford Seminary websites.

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